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The CBN oil is 100% natural & completely THC free! In addition, we offer a money back guarantee. We can only do this because we fully stand behind our product which is also additionally tested by an independent party.

CBN Oil 10% | 10 ml.


  • 10% Full Spectrum CBN Oil
  • Effective within 30 - 60 minutes
  • Best price-quality ratio
  • Most pure CBN available
  • THC Free
  • As much as 2 mg CBN per drop
  • Very easy to dose
  • Natural product

What is CBN Oil

CBN oil is an extract from the hemp plant that does not get you high. Cannabinol (CBN) oil is one of the many beneficial compounds found in cannabis plants that has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties and is now becoming increasingly popular as a health supplement. CBN oil is an extract from the hemp plant that does not get you high. The abbreviation CBN stands for Cannabinol and this is one of about 130 cannabinoids found in a hemp plant. 

CBN interacts positively with our endocannabinoid system. The effects and benefits of CBN oil are very broad and below we will discuss them in more detail.

The effect of cbn oil

How can CBN oil help you?

Research suggests that CBN oil may have numerous health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic properties. It may also help treat certain neurological conditions such as epilepsy, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. Moreover, studies show that CBN oil may be effective in reducing anxiety and promoting better sleep quality. As research continues to discover more potential uses for this powerful cannabinoid, these benefits can only increase.

CBN Oil effect

How does CBN oil work? Like CBD and other cannabinoids, CBN works on our endocannabinoid system. Why does our body have such a system you ask? Our bodies also produce cannabinoids themselves, these we call endocannabinoids. These molecules act as signaling agents and control an essential system in our body that we call the endocannabinoid system. This system ensures balance in our body and the proper functioning of many vital functions When the body senses that there is an imbalance somewhere, the endocannabinoid system causes the body to go to work to restore it. When you use CBD and or CBN you are supporting the body and this system. There are currently more than 130 different cannabinoids that have been discovered and they can all support our bodies in different ways.

Benefits of CBN

Many people are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of using CBN oil to improve health and well-being. CBN oil has been seen to help with common ailments such as sleep problems, stress and pain relief. Numerous studies have also found that cannabidiol (CBN) can help reduce inflammation in the body, making it a great option for individuals with conditions such as arthritis. Not only is it effective in treating symptoms, but CBN can also help protect the body from further damage by strengthening the endocannabinoid system and supporting natural healing processes. As more research is conducted into its potential benefits, those seeking an alternative to traditional medications are likely to find great relief through the use of this natural solution.

CBN Oil sleeping

CBN for a better night's sleep | CBN oil has quickly become a popular aid for a good night's sleep. So it is extracted from the cannabis plant and provides a potent blend of cannabinoids that helps relax the body and mind, making it easier to achieve restful sleep. Depending on your needs, you can choose from lower concentrations that provide soothing relief with minimal drowsiness or higher concentrations for more intense effects. It shortens the time to fall asleep, extends the duration of sleep, and provides deep REM cycles to help improve the quality of rest. So if you are someone who struggles to get a good night's sleep, supplementing your system with the oil may be worth considering.

By the way, don't expect a sleep aid that will send you off to dreamland for 10 hours within 5 minutes. CBN can support you with sleep in several ways, but of course it is also important to make sure that at the end of the day you have done enough and moved around so that your body and brain are tired and ready for rest.

Most people who buy CBN from us tell us that they especially sleep deeper and become better rested.

Buy CBN Oil at CBD Specials

Stefan Struve | As an (ex) top athlete, I was always concerned with getting the very best for my body in order to perform to the maximum. Keeping your body in optimal condition is only possible if you use the best quality products!

Do you want to buy CBN oil? Then you've come to the right place. Together with my partner Bas Willemsen we only work with the best products. Our CBN oil is therefore of the highest quality you can currently get in the Netherlands. We can guarantee this quality because our products are tested by an independent laboratory. This way you can be sure that you get value for money.

When you go to buy CBN oil online you often see many different products. One 5% the other 10% etcetera. If you have a 10 ml bottle like the one we offer with 10% CBN it means that it contains 1000 milligrams with 100% natural and pure CBN.

If you are not satisfied after 30 days we will simply transfer the amount back to your account!

How do you use CBN oil?

It can be taken orally or applied topically to the skin. A few drops under the tongue is the most common way to take CBN oil; however, some people prefer to use it directly on their skin. CBN oil can also be combined with food or drinks, such as coffee and tea, to receive its medicinal benefits. Whichever consumption method you choose, you'll quickly find out why cbn oil has become so popular lately!

Is CBN oil addictive?

Many people are under the mistaken assumption that cannabinol (CBN) oil is addictive, but this is not the case at all. Several studies have been conducted and clinical trials done to investigate whether CBN has potential as an addictive substance, but they all concluded that CBN showed no evidence of addictive potential. This means that when a person stops taking CBN, they do not experience withdrawal symptoms or cravings as they do with other substances. CBN oil is actually very safe and can provide a range of therapeutic benefits for both physical and mental health conditions. It has become increasingly popular among users looking for natural ways to achieve good health outcomes without some of the side effects often associated with pharmaceutical drugs.

What is CBN oil good for?

Cannabinol (CBN) oil is a type of oil derived from the cannabis plant that has many potential benefits. Studies indicate that CBN oil has strong anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, making it potentially useful for treating skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. In addition, CBN oil may be an effective treatment for insomnia because of its calming effects. Furthermore, CBN oil shows promise in relieving pain from arthritis and nerve damage. It could also help reduce seizures in people with multiple forms of epilepsy. These exciting benefits point to a bright future for CBN oil as a holistic remedy for many ailments.

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